Not my President


This has been the result of a long, slow government coup by the Republicans to gain the House and Senate and the Presidency. They didn’t count on Trump, but that’s what they got. The Republican party has been in control of our government for decades now, and are the ones responsible for the loss of our economy, civil, animal and environmental rights, selling out to the 1%, now they are in full control and will stop at nothing to drive the nail in the EPA regulations, all Wildlife and animal policies, as well as all Civil Rights policies.

This has set the animal rights movement back decades especially hunting wildlife and the environment. With Trumps son’s in key positions, already promised, we will be witnessing the raw reality of the psychopathic murders of these innocent animals, Oil corporations unbridled with their actions of poisoning pipelines and fracking. We will see unconstitutional acts of racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia and speciesism at an unprecedented and unacceptable levels with severe apathy, no morals or values. It is only common sense to realize and validate that these particular humans who were looking to have a voice, just gave the same structure all the power, and this has just made all intellectual, decent, compassionate people and the animals lives a living hell with their uneducated apathy. I take the rights for all  and  the loss of animals lives very serious, and feel we are in a moment of total devastation and heartbreak.



A Trump Presidency Would Be a Threat to Animals Everywhere


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