Corruption as usual in the state of WA for the Wolf Killers

In other words, #corrupt #policies, as usual, for #special #interests, and in this case ONE #RANCHER! Disgust & Shame  @Gov.Inslee, @FishandWildlife, @WAState ! Please remember the corrupt Animal Groups named here that helped this decision to kill these Wolves, their decision to betray these animals will reflect in their future followers, they are not real animal saving agencies they are corrupt to take your donations, but that is as far as it goes, or this one Rancher would not have had this much control over the publics Wildlife management, these issues would have been solved and non-lethal management would have already been in place.


“Thank you for contacting Governor Inslee regarding the Profanity Peak wolf pack. The Governor understands that this is a difficult and emotional issue, and he respects your position.

By statute, the Department of Fish & Wildlife has ultimate authority regarding wildlife management in our state, including adopting rules governing lethal removal (RCW 77.12.047) and authorizing lethal removal of wildlife (RCW 77.12.420). While the Governor does appoint members to the Fish & Wildlife Commission, he does not direct the work of the Commission or the Department, nor does he have direct authority over wildlife management.

On August 23rd, Wolf Haven International, the Humane Society of the United States, Defenders of Wildlife and Conservation Northwest issued the following Joint Conservation Wolf Advisory Group Statement:

“The authorized removal of wolves in the Profanity Peak wolf pack in northeast Washington is deeply regrettable. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is however following the protocol developed by the Washington State’s Wolf Advisory Group (WAG) – a diverse group of stakeholders. The WAG and WDFW have committed to evaluate how the protocol worked on the ground this season in order to improve it for next year. In addition, we intend to conduct a thorough and open-minded assessment of the issues raised for all stakeholders involved.

“We remain steadfast that our important goals remain the long-term recovery and public acceptance of wolves in our state alongside thriving rural communities. In the meantime, we ask our community and the citizens of Washington State and beyond to engage in respectful and civil dialogue as we work through these challenging events. We believe that ultimately we can create conditions where everyone’s values are respected and the needs of wildlife, wildlife advocates, and rural communities are met.”

Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with the Governor and for your commitment to protecting Washington wildlife.

Constituent Services

Office of Governor Jay Inslee”

My letter,

To the Honorable Governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee,

The State of Washington cannot allow the Fish & Wildlife agency continue to act as rouge agents for a special interest of one rancher, or any amount of ranchers to corruptly decide to murder the public’s wildlife, as they are doing to the Profanity Pack. The amount of resources it takes to murder these beautiful Wolves are insanely costly and far outweighs this ranchers losses, besides, why is it the publics responsibility to protect the interests of a private business owner, especially over the lives of our precious wildlife. Most of the public would disagree with this killing of these Wolves weather they were/are aware of what the Fish & Wildlife agency is doing. These special interests groups of ranchers, hunters, oilers and miners are a mere 5% of the population that have a habit of destroying our lands and wildlife for profits that go into their personal pockets, this is allowing intermingling of public funds for the benefit of the private interests. The rest of the public of 80-90%  has expressed their wishes for our Wildlife to be managed with real science, intelligence and compassion for non-lethal methods, and would prefer their public funds go towards Wildlife Watching which would actually produce over 10 times the revenue that killing does. These Wolves do not deserve this insane, antiquated and corrupt action of murder because this rancher cannot manage his herds with the proper safety measures, not the wolves fault to doing what they need to do to survive. Do not allow the rest of this Wolf family to be murdered, is this what you want people to think of when they think of your state, another antiquated, corrupt, cruel state for Wildlife?



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