Hear the Cries of Death



In the immediate aftermath of Florida’s 2015 bear hunt, we published graphic images that showed what Florida-style “conservation” looked like. We qualified our photographic documentation of the slaughter with the following statement:

These images… do not record the cries of the victims as bullets or arrows entered their bodies – cries lost deep in the woods, heard only by the insensate killers, far from the respected chambers of human power and the television screens of contented consumers.

Those cries can now be heard. In fact, they have been heard in the very chamber of human power that unleashed the killers upon the bears. And for those who cared to watch, they were even available on the Florida Channel (at 1:55 in the timeline).

In the public comment section of the FWC’s February meeting in Havana (Tallahassee), a professional videographer from Orlando, Mr. Lee Day, played a recording of a black bear being killed by a bow hunter. Subsequently, he released the audio recording on YouTube, and we include it below.

The sounds do not start right For videos click here away. Mr. Day gives listeners fair warning of what is to come.




One thought on “Hear the Cries of Death

  1. FWC’s “law-enforcement” personnel were not the slightest bit interested in prosecuting the hunter even when presented with an open, unsolicited confession at the bear check station. Instead, FWC personnel congratulated him for his handiwork” This is true because the F&W agencies are run by hunters for hunters by plan and design. F&W murders 2.7 million wildlife a year and is responsible for an estimated 200 million animals a year murdered by hunters. They serve the special interest of Hunters through lobbyists for Safari Club and Ranchers, our government agency is insane and rouge, fueled by powerful sources of wealth paying off Supreme Court Justices.

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