Awareness with Nature


I loved reading this article (below) describing the changes in the brain of the awareness that LSD brings, the photo is well done, almost Van Gogh like. That is exactly how I felt in 71-72, usually at the Beach in S.F., watching the earth breathe, squirrels running around in the ice plant, and the sand was purple and black, and the foam from the waves were especially white, I visualized nothing that wasn’t already there, just a enhancement. I don’t think we can replicate those times, these drugs are not the same anymore, not to be trusted to be cut with so many low quality chemicals, and the feeling in society is not the same any longer, it’s so convoluted with corruption and stress in the structure, that even the youth might not be open to the positive effects and awareness that LSD can bring, but, if it did work, maybe it could help with the stress and the narcissistic tendencies we have developed in society.

What LSD tells us about human nature

I was in San Francisco last week, visiting my brother and revisiting the years we spent there as young men. We walked through Golden Gate park, two guys in their sixties, admiring the giant sequoias, exotic gardens, and gold-green pastures cascading westward to the ocean. And we reminisced about our epic acid trip back in 1969, in that very place, when we were primed for adventure and self-discovery.

There were four of us. We each swallowed our little purple tablets – “Happy landing, guys!” – then started walking westward through the park. About a half-hour later came surges of energy in our stomachs, anticipation of something huge about to happen, excitement and fear as though approaching the brink of an unknown waterfall. The park was so beautiful. Bird song was everywhere, more nuanced than I’d ever noticed.

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