“9 Myths About Captive-bred Lions”

Well put together of the myths that these insane humans offer as excuses why they need to keep murdering. First thing that needs to be attacked is making it illegal for private breeding of any wild animal. The reality is the same here in the US, where most of these sociopathic hunters originate from, they perpetuate their myths with buying our laws and government structure of our wildlife agencies. It has been proven, time & time again Wildlife Watching generates the majority of states revenue, especially since hunters are only 2-5 % of any states given population, the other 85% (10% indifferent) of the public want their wildlife managed with real science and non-lethal methods, yet the public voice is ignored time and time again. What I want to see, is a massive legal campaign to re-structure these agencies to get private interest out of controlling our Wildlife Laws, and remove all personnel that are hunters, as it stands right now, almost every board governing wildlife policies are 5-1 hunters with 1 indifferent. the corruption has been obvious and purposely placed. What current Legal action is there right now addressing this, here in the U.S. and in S.A.? How can we get the Government of S.A. understand that their angering the Wildlife Watchers, who might stop visiting their country, because taking quick cash from the hunters is not a long run profit? Who can and will take on these sociopathic killers???

Cecils Pride

Banner: courtesy of theCampaign Against Canned Hunting

Petition – Stop Cruel and Cowardly “Canned” Hunts

Next Saturday, 2nd April there will be the Global March for Lions across many cities.

In the build up to next Saturday (and then a follow up March to Stop Lion Trophy Hunting  on the 30th April in London), let’s see where the association in South Africa that represents the predator breeder industry currently stands.

In a 7 March 2016 article entitled “9 Myths About Captive-bred Lions,” written by Professor Pieter JJS Potgieter (“The Professor“), President of the South African Predators Association (SAPA), the claim is made that the captive-bred “ranch lions” industry is all about the industry’s ‘love of lions and conservation.’ The Professor is keen to point out, that there is big difference between a “ranch lion” and a “’canned’ lion”…

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