Fish & Wildlife agencies destroying America

RedWhiteandBlue_BFCseay011216The “Church” Universal and Triumphant has started to give permission for hunters, through the Fish & Wildlife agency getting permission to use their land to murder the buffalo, F & W promotes programs to give children and elderly hunters “opportunities” to become killers and murder buffalo, including buffalo mothers with calves at their sides and in their wombs that are being sadistically murdered, Calves are being orphaned and families torn apart. Besides the 900 slated to be slaughtered by the Montana Fish and Wildlife Article. Most of the buffalo that are in the CUT area have been killed by Confederated Salish & Kootenai tribal members. Huge pickup trucks packed with hunting parties will literally park just outside Yellowstone’s boundary at the Beattie Gulch Trailhead, their occupants warm inside as they wait for buffalo to cross from Beattie Gulch to murder them. This cruel and inhumane slaughter. They also intend to use this hunting as a tool to disperse buffalo into daring to step on their grass for more opportunity to fulfill their violent bloodlust. This area, Beattie Gulch is a choke point in one of the buffalo’s most important migration corridors. It has been a death trap since state and treaty hunts started almost ten years ago. Hunting here has also prevented buffalo from accessing the additional habitat they were supposedly granted in the Gardiner Basin in 2011; they are either killed and can’t make it through, or turn and flee back into Yellowstone where they will soon be trapped and shipped to slaughter. the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) partners released their final operations plan for 2016, announcing that they intend to kill 600-900 wild buffalo through so-called hunting and slaughter. we must repeal MCA 81-2-120, a state law that places the Montana Department of Livestock in charge of wild buffalo in Montana, and we must gain Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection for them. Governor Bullock’s decision to grant year-round habitat on Horse Butte indicates he is listening, though livestock interests clearly have him wrapped around their finger. Please keep the pressure on. As to ESA protection, BFC and Western Watersheds Project filed a petition with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) in November of 2014. The agency has yet to issue a finding, which they were supposed to do within 90 days of our filing. We have filed a notice of our intent to sue if they do not issue a finding by the end of January. Other action you can do to help bolster our efforts to gain ESA protection for wild buffalo, is by contacting your members of Congress and urging them to support funding for listing the Yellowstone buffalo under the Endangered Species Act.

Please take more action to save the beautiful Buffalo

Please Sign & Share this petition and This petition to stop this murdering our Buffalo

For more action for the Buffalo;



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