Fire burned about 130 acres to conceal poaching
Ranchers are ‪#‎Terrorists‬ fed up with the welfarist ranchers thinking this is all their land to graze cattle for a pittance of fees, we should not be killing animals to eat anyway for ethical reasons as well as the methane from cows is a number 1 reason for Global Warming, something no one will admit in public as of yet, and the ‎Vegans‬ should understand and be all over this story, the government should be taking the land back from the ranchers who destroy it, and give it back to the public for the environment and wildlife!!! The corruption of the media is so bad, if you or I or a group of animal activists took over a park armed, what would they be saying about us, and what would law enforcement be doing right now… or if it was a group of black or Hispanic people, we would all be shot dead, this is beyond obvious corruption, These nuts are the very definition of DOMESTIC TERRORIST, can they be more blatant for the White male privilege in this case!

Exposing the Big Game

The prosecutor said witnesses saw the Hammonds illegally slaughter a herd of deer on public land.

“At least seven deer were shot with others limping or running from the scene,” Williams wrote.

He said a teenage relative of the Hammonds testified that Steven Hammond gave him a box of matches and told him to start the blaze. “The fires destroyed evidence of the deer slaughter and took about 130 acres of public land…

           Meanwhile, other terrorists make their statement…


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