Polluting the English Language to Justify Slaughter and Destruction

Polluting the English Language to Justify Slaughter and Destruction

Commentary by Paul Watson


For many years I have been annoyed at some of the terminology used in our societies with reference to our brutal treatment of animals.

We need to put an end to the utilitarian, consumeristic jargon that is employed to justify ecological exploitation and the infliction of cruelty on nonhuman species.

The first word that needs to go is the word harvest when referring to the killing of animals.

You don’t harvest seals, pigs, dolphins, deer or fish or any other animal. That word is senseless. You harvest corn, oranges, or apples but not seals or fish. I notice farmers don’t even use the term for cows or pigs. They slaughter cows and pigs, they don’t harvest them. So, why the use of this word for seals and dolphins? It’s just another attempt to remove the ugliness of their actions from the language and to justify their crimes with denial.

The Canadian government has even tried to label baby seals as adults by defining an adult as any seal over three weeks of age. It seems to me that any seal that can’t swim, can’t escape, and is helpless on an ice floe at three weeks of age qualifies as a baby seal.

And it is not a seal hunt. Clubbing helpless baby seals in a seal nursery is not hunting, it’s a cruel and horrific massacre of helpless and innocent creatures. More here… https://www.facebook.com/captpaulwatson/posts/10153568965515932:0


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