“I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take This Any More!”

Not one newscaster, not one article, not one teacher in my N. CA college has realized or admitted that the methane gas produced from cows is the number 1 cause of Global Warming, let alone eating flesh or any “byproduct” of animals is the number one reason we get cancer, yet we kill innocent animals in labs everyday to try and find the “cure”. We have been brainwashed by the oil and rancher industry for decades while they destroy us, the animals and the planet, and we stay subservient and quiet against our own interests. Denial is deeply rooted into our culture, time to change, we have to get this message into the media, we had a breakthrough with Cecil (open for discussion of opinions how that happened?) for some reason that when viral, we have to get that to happen for the rest of the animals and take down the NRA and the AG Industry..something in the feed that would make the cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens sterile and un-savory for human appetites would be a dreammmmmm…

Exposing the Big Game

Many of you may recognize that title as a line from a movie. It was one of the two great movies I’ve seen in the past few days, which seem to go together yet are completely different in style and content.

The first was an excellent documentary, Cowspiracy, which just came out in streaming1442633447556 Netflix form, in addition to DVD as well as a downloadable version on their website. This absolutely-must-see is not just an expose of the kind of cruelty that the human species is capable of and complicit in toward animals on a daily basis (as if that weren’t enough). It mainly focuses on the massive carbon footprint of animal agriculture (51% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions) and the fact that no one—not the powers that be, not the industry chiefs and spokesmen, not the current cattle flesh-food purveyors, not even the heads…

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