Global Warming: The Future is NOW! Part 1

We are seeing this everyday in CA, Seals, Whales, Dolphins, Sea and Marsh Birds washing ashore, sick, starving. Inland, we are suffering drought, fires, wildlife coming into lower elevations for food and water sources. Humans have created these extreme environmental changes, as a result of human destruction and interference only for the need of the wealthy to continue to produce oil, fraking and Big AG because humans think they need a fricken hamburger! And the Fish and Wildlife do not respond to animals in need for help from this human caused nightmare, by a responsible, compassionate method to help these animals survive, instead they exert their bloodlust and violent tendencies to get away with murdering the animals. At what point do we stop these destructive forces and overhaul our EPA, BLM and Wildlife Agencies!

Exposing the Big Game

Looking at the news on the subject lately, it would seem that the Pacific Coast is climate change central. Starting with the sad excuse for a snowpack last winter and the near total lack of rains since then that’s led to the current and ongoing drought, which in turn is contributing to the catastrophic fires across the West, it’s looking like Nature has set her sights on our part of the planet.

But the fact is, global warming is a worldwide problem. July has joined a dozen or more previous months in getting overall “hottest on record” nods—like it or not.

If you’ve been following this blog recently, you might have had your fill of Okanogan Complex fire updates, or general articles with anecdotes about the other changes to predictable patterns the Earth is undergoing thanks to Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (or simply, too many humans creating too many tons of carbon). And if…

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