Horse activists ejected from BLM meeting

I used to live in this community, they are highly supportive of AG and BLM, very antiquated thinking, pro animal abuse, and live in a fantasy lifestyle of the “Wild West”. Kudos to the activists, maybe they got through to a few possible progressives in the crowd. Disgusting & bad move Carson Valley Inn, I know I won’t stay there again.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Kurt Hildebrand as published in the Record-Courier

Wild horse rights activists said they were ejected from a public meeting held by the Bureau of Land Management and lost their hotel rooms in the process on Thursday night.

The members of Friends of Animals, who flew across the country to protest at Thursday’s meeting on the Pine Nut Resource Management Plan, had a different definition of public comment than the agency did.

BLM Project Manager Colleen Sievers said that the meeting was to explain how to comment on the document, which is in the draft stage. The bureau didn’t have a court recorder present to take comments at the meeting.

After Sievers was done, Edita Birnkrant, director of New York Friends of Animals, grabbed the microphone and unfurled a yellow banner, and as some members of the audience booed, said the BLM was abusing wild horses.

The microphone was turned…

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