Animal Lovers: Don’t Hesitate to Feel Your Hate

love this! This is real, these animals had a life! To me, it is a normal response, to hate these very sick and dangerous humans. I do not understand any activist for the animals, to want to negotiate with cold blooded murderers! whats to negotiate?(SW) How many have to be murdered and tortured before we stop and get angry to declare a war! Society has taken a wrong turn at some point to even think these people should not be jailed for their sociopathic killing of animals, and humans when they think they can get away with it. So it is our responsibility to change that course, sometime before these freaks of nature kill every last animal there is! We can afford to be peaceful and loving with other humans when we stop murdering.

Exposing the Big Game

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2014. All Rights Reserved Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2014. All Rights Reserved

Living in Earth’s out-of-the-way places, surrounded by prime wildlife habitat (as I’ve always chosen to do), an advocate must eventually make a choice—either stand with your wildlife friends, or join in the “fun” (made increasingly more popular by repulsive “reality” shows like Duck Dynasty and so many evil others) and go around shooting everything you see.

I made my choice long ago and decided the only way to live in such a wildlife-war-torn area is to have as little to do with the people as possible. To quote Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson, referring to his native land, coastal New Brunswick, Canada (where clubbing baby seals is the local pastime), “Love the country, hate the people.”

Author Farley Mowat, another selfless Canadian animal advocate in league with Captain Watson, ultimately came around to that same sentiment in A Whale for…

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