Political Games and Rewriting History About Wisconsin’s Wolf Slaughter

Agree, most hunters are wired that way, trying to reason with them is not possible.

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife


Forget North Korea, since this past Friday following the federal court ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the Great Lakes, the wolf haters and extreme right wing have been on an internet rampage. The wolf haters are openly promising to defy the ruling of the “radical liberal judge” and “emotional city folk” and threatening to kill every wolf that they see. Their arrogance and brazen threats know no bounds and they do not limit these threats to their hate sites. Several anti-wolf zealots have been posting comments on various mainstream news websites threatening “S.S.S” (shoot, shovel, and shut up) and open defiance of the “city folk” and “liberal government.”

One thing that wolf/wildlife advocates need to remember is that while we have achieved a “victory” with this ruling the root of the problem is still firmly entrenched and the vitriol is still growing. We must…

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