Cat dissection – you make 15 year olds do this? :: Animal Welfare Information Resource


Shockingly 15 year old medical sciences high school students in Palm Beach County and Dade County schools are required to dissect cats as a mandatory part of the county approved coursework. Cat dissection is particularly unnecessary and disturbing as most of these students are not intending to be surgeons or indeed veterinarians. Given that these children are at a very early stage of exploring the medical field this could be deemed unpleasant and actually may put a youngster off from pursuing a medically based career. more of this story click link:

Cat dissection – you make 15 year olds do this? :: Animal Welfare Information Resource.

For complete information on the Science of Vivisection Alternatives:

“NAVS’ opposition to the use of animals in research and product testing is based on credible scientific evidence and compelling ethical arguments that vivisection is unnecessary, and that it can produce invalid, misleading results that can ultimately be harmful to people. NAVS is dedicated to promoting better, more humane science – designed to generate the most accurate models of human disease, as well as models for testing chemicals and drugs that can predict what occurs in humans.  Animal models of disease are an outdated and inadequate methodology for predicting what treatments are safe and effective for humans.  Over-reliance on animal models is actually counterproductive; it often sidetracks meaningful scientific progress while wasting millions of taxpayer dollars and other resources. “


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