If you think it’s wrong to hurt animals, you already believe in veganism: Why veganism?

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SourceThe Abolitionist Vegan Society

Do you think it’s wrong to hurt animals unnecessarily? If so, please watch this short video. There is no graphic imagery.

Topics covered:



How many animals do we KILL per year?

Is a VEGETARIAN diet the solution?

Are “HUMANE” or “ORGANIC” animal products the solution?

What DO vegans eat? What do vegans NOT eat?

What DO vegans wear? What do vegans NOT wear?

What else do vegans DO or NOT do?

How can I learn more about veganism?

And more!

Why veganism?

The Abolitionist Vegan Society

Register with The Abolitionist Vegan Society (and get FREE leaflets!)

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Order a FREE vegan kit:http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-living/free-vegetarian-starter-kit.aspx

Take PETA’s Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide along with you next time you head to the store! The handy guide will help you find humane products at a glance.

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