Corruption in Rocklin, CA

Corruption in Rocklin?

Update tonight, 10/21/2014, I finally got this woman served for court on Monday and again, she had another cop come into my yard, over a locked gate, and bang on my door for some reason tonight. I was so scared who trespassed in my yard and was banging on my door like that, I peeked out the window when it stopped and saw a cop car leaving my street, WTH is going on?

This is a post I put out on Facebook a while back, after I became aware this woman had plans to make me disappear, since the Rocklin PD was not helping to protect me, I need to let some of my fb friends know who was behind this death threat:



  ” BEWARE!! This is my neighbor, Nicole Moreau, Rocklin, CA she ran over my sweet old cat, “Kiki” on purpose and laughed about it, she also damaged the radiator on my car and much, much more. the cops here do nothing, because, “I can’t prove” any of it. I had seen her slap her 8yr old wheelchair bound son across the face for asking to go to the bathroom, my report to CPS did nothing, other than, now she is threatening to kill my dogs.and have her boyfriends sister, “make me disappear” .  Now not only are the Rocklin police unable to help or protect me, at least one officer has made it his job to assist this woman to continue to abuse me and tell me to stop blogging, or I would be filed on each time I blogged. 

This is the letter I offered to the court explaining events:

On March 3, 2014, At that time, I had been driving my grandson to school in the mornings for a few months, her son, Johnny’s (special needs) bus would arrive at the same time, stop and park right in front of my driveway, leaving me to wait and be late to school with Ashton. I had constantly asked her and the driver to please pull up so I could get out, but they had ignored my requests, even chatting it up more after I would ask. This last request, I had asked Nicole if she could move her father’s truck up further so the bus would not have to leave me waiting, she agreed verbally, but did not cooperate, I asked the driver and for some reason he and her gossiped finding the situation amusing, so again, after several more times waiting in the mornings, and Ashton being late, I called the District office and asked that they ask their driver to park where I would be allowed out of my driveway, they immediately cooperated. The next day when Nicole was aware that I had called the office, she yelled obscenities at me, claimed I was abusing her and her disabled son, and the very next morning my car had a hole in the radiator. The next day, scratches on my hood, a nail in the sidewall, ect. Due to these “suspected acts of vandalism, the car’s condition worsened, within a month and a half, I lost my car permanently, not able to keep up the payments and the repairs needed, so I now have no vehicle.

On May 3, 2014, Nicole ran over my old cat and I overheard her laughed about it. The day before, Nicole had yelled out for all to hear that, “I will not be responsible if I run over your cat, keep her out of my driveway”, I had been trying very hard to keep my old kitty in the house, but she was old and getting near the end and kept seeking cement to sleep on, and my grandson, 5 years old at the time, unfortunately, kept going in and out of the house all day to play with her son in her driveway, because her son is in a wheelchair, so they played on her side of the driveway, and Kiki, who loved my grandson, was used to following him. So, I tried very hard, but evidently she had been on her side. The situation was Kiki was missing for a full day before I learned about her demise, Nicole had at first lied to me saying she had not seen her, as I looked all day, and at one point as I passed my garbage can in the end of my driveway, I looked in my can because there was an “odor”, but did not see anything, (garbage being on top, scared to look too hard), did not want to think anything. The next morning, Nicole confessed that she had “found my cat half in her garage, under the garage door, “must have got herself under the door as she was putting it down for the night”, “Sorry”, she also told me she had called the animal control, and they had told her to “put the cat in the garbage can”.?? I examined my cats body, with her right back leg sticking up and the her face smashed, I concluded, in my opinion, that she had not been caught up under the garage door, the garage door was electric with sensors and would have not come down on her to cause the damage I saw, there was no garage door mark across the body where she would have suffocated from. Then it seemed obvious that she tried to throw her body away in my garbage can. Confirming what I has suspected, a few days later, I heard her talking with her boyfriend through the common wall in our garage, that, “I told that bitch, I would kill her cat”, “laughing”.
On July 8, I sent a report to CPS of the incidence of what I had witnessed in early June, of her slapping her disabled son Johnny across the face, for asking her to take him to the bathroom, she was quite drunk that day and was doing nothing but yelling at him. I had also sent to Adult services my concerns about her father and an incident, a few months before, when she did not take him to the ER when he had suffered a stroke. I did not realize what I had overheard in the garage of her “feeding him” and crying, I did not realize why, until the next day when she told me he had a stroke and couldn’t feed himself, I begged her to take him in immediately to the Dr., she said she didn’t want to because she had “Pot” in the house and didn’t want CPS to know and her dad had been smoking it and drinking and didn’t want him to get her in trouble, but would take him after she cleaned up, but never did that day, as I found out later when a few days after that the EMT’s were arguing with her in the driveway that she should have called sooner.

In the beginning of August, as many times before. Nicole had made many open threats to kill my dogs, one incident, she involved a another neighbor’s daughter, who brings her children to her parents’ house across the street, this friend of hers and her husband were summoned into my driveway by Nicole, and the male, was openly stating that “those dogs better stop barking at him,” “he knows gang members where he lives”, (Sacramento) they will take care of the dogs and their owner” and “I’ll take the dogs, use them as bait”. During this same week, I had overheard a plan for “real retaliation” now, I was to be “taken care of” and “will permanently disappear”, in a few weeks when her boyfriend, Dayton’s sister would be coming to town. Sometime around that point, Police officers had been called out to my home, because of an “anonymous neighbor” had overheard, my daughter and I arguing, we were arguing that day about how I should react to these threats. I then had told the officers about the threat, and felt that unless or until it was acted upon, there was nothing they would do about it, so I felt much anxiety and put a post on my fb page to my friends to let them know, if something happened to me, who would have instigated it, and who would be behind it, and let them know what I had been going through with this person and a few of the other incidences she has inflicted on me on practically daily basis. This blog had been on my page for over a month, and settings were supposed to be “private”? On Tuesday, September 30, Nicole had been in her driveway, in front of her garage, where she is 90% of the time. My daughter said she was very upset, she had seen my blog, and she had called the Rocklin PD to file a complaint about me, and had been told by the officers that, my post was my free speech and not against the law, she seemed furious. My daughter walked around the corner to the mini mart for a soda and was gone about 5-7 minutes as she recalled. I had come home from school at about 4:15, and walked in the house, closed the door, bookcase was behind the front door, and noticed my favorite, crystal glass lamp was missing, I asked my daughter if she knew where my lamp was? She had no idea, we searched the house to no avail. Very upset, but extremely busy needing to go feed some family horses at a nearby barn, my granddaughter and I left the house and as we were driving past her boyfriend’s trailer, woodlot, he grimaced at my granddaughter and flipped her off. It was late that night by the time we got home, everyone needed to go to school in the morning. The next evening, after I got some time and was able to think about why my lamp was missing out of my home, I called the police to make a report. The officer took the report, asked me who I thought would have come into my house to take lamp, I could only think of my neighbor Nicole to have opportunity and motive. The next morning, an officer had come to my door, the same officer who had come to my door on another occasion to listen to a complaint Nicole had of me taking pictures in my front yard, she was concerned that I would be taking pictures of her? I had my phone in my hand, not taking any pictures of anything. This particular Officer had threatened me then, as he was doing at this time, telling me, I was not allowed to make any other statements on my fb about my neighbor, and if I did, he would file complaints on me every time??? I was completely aghast of this anti Civil Rights statement and had told him that, as he left my property and got back in his SUV.
At this time, I am completely confused about these conflicting statements from this Police Department, and how and why a person who has been harassing me practically on a daily basis since I moved in, when she made the statement to me, “I run this neighborhood, and if I don’t like you, your gone”. I am a 57 year old woman who has owned a total of 9 homes previously in my life, held many jobs, completed some higher education, all while raising 2 girls as a single parent, but now I am on permanent disability, very busy with my own life, surviving many of my own hardships, I am a breast cancer survivor and have endured the many hard knocks that can come after an illness, divorce and loosing proper employment leaving me physically and financially vulnerable. I am currently back in school, trying to better my income and living situation for the future as to not have to live in and around such dysfunctional and detrimental behavior, and now have to again find another place to live, as this neighbor, making this place a total nightmare for me, not having a day’s peace from this woman in my own space to live, but until, I can afford to move, I beg the court for a protection order from her.


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