Guardian: Pentagon Preparing For Mass Civil Breakdown; DoD Report: Activists Are “Social Contagions” It’s about time and Fuck them!

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Easily and hands-down, one of the most stunning pieces of investigative journalism I’ve ever read. My dear, fellow “social contagions,” you simply cannot make this Strangelovian shit up; then again, your tax dollars are already paying for it. I’m speechless…


Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdownSocial science is being militarised to develop ‘operational tools’ to target peaceful activists and protest movements

Nafeez Ahmen
The Guardian
Thursday, June 12, 2014   2:00PM EDT

A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities to model the dynamics, risks and tipping points for large-scale civil unrest across the world, under the supervision of various US military agencies. The multi-million dollar programme is designed to develop immediate and long-term “warfighter-relevant insights” for senior officials and decision makers in “the defense policy community,” and to inform policy implemented by “combatant commands.”

Launched in 2008 – the year of the global banking crisis…

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